The melodic hardcore band Capsize have released a new video to the song Anger In My Veins. The song is from the same titled album which was released in fall 2014 via Equal Vision Records.

Capsize is currently at Glow In The Dark Studios, working on their sophomore full-length with Matt McClellan (The Devil Wears Prada, Being As An Ocean, Better Off). McClellan also recorded the band’s two recently released singles – “You Can’t Come Home The Same” and “Enough For Me” – which are available now at, iTunes, Spotify, and as an instant download with the band’s newest merch bundles on

Capsize’s new album is expected to be released in Summer 2016, and will feature a more prominent post-hardcore sound than on The Angst In My Veins with the incorporation of clean singing, which the band introduced into their sound for the first time on “You Can’t Come Home The Same”. The band is comprised of Daniel Wand (vocals), Andrew Tamayo (drums), Ryan Knowles (guitar), and Nicolas Lopez (guitar).

“For the new album, we’re setting new goals and getting back in touch with influences that made us want to make music in the first place, not just what inspired the band’s creation. Every day we are letting ourselves be more of just that – ourselves, and I think that’s a defining factor of creating longevity in what we’re doing.”

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