The Corona virus not only threatens our health but also our entire life as we have known it before. An ugly consequence of slowing down the spread of the Corona virus is the shutdown of all social and cultural life. And while that is necessary and sensible, it is still tragic. Because canceled shows not only mean an enormous loss of fun, but also a high financial loss – for artists and bands, but also organizers, clubs and sound engineers, photographers, etc. They lose their only source of income for months.

We wanna give Hardcore and Punk music back what it is giving us: A strong community, love and passion. So we started to collect all the great ideas that start to spread worldwide to help artists, bands, clubs, labels etc. 

Find your way to help and sing GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA GO!

The following list is beyond incomplete. So if you have additional ideas, please share it with our community in the comments below or below our posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s inspire everyone to help and strengthen the affected ones to become creative. Let’s show that hardcore and punk are more than noise. 

Ideas for fans & friends

  • Keep your tickets and don’t give them back. At best the show is only postponed. If not, see it as a donation to support the band / the artist.
  • Try to attend shows as soon as it is possible and safe again.
  • Buy records and merch of your favorite band / from your favorite label. Of course you better do this at their own online shop and not via Amazon & Co.
  • Visit the websites and social media accounts of your favorite band, artist, venue or label. Probably they have already figured out some great ideas how you can support them best. If not think about possibilities how to support your local club e.g. They need you more than ever to survive.
  • Buy virtual beverage coupons. Trinkteufel Kreuzberg had the idea to sell coupons which you buy now to drink later. For 5 Euro you get 2 private-label beers as soon as the venue is open again. Just pay via Paypal (friends option!) to . You will receive your coupon via E-Mail.
  • Buy the Coronavirus Solisampler from Bunte Welt Booking (we reported about it here). The sampler contains 32 Songs for minimum 5 Euro. That’s affordable for everyone, right? Just go to Bandcamp to order it. The proceeds will go directly and to 100 percent to the Bunte Welt Booking signed bands. Go to your favorite label’s homepage to check if they also have put out something like that. 
  • Stream the band or artist you wanna support (also at night with your phone muted) at  Apple Music or Spotify to bestow some extra money on them.

Ideas for bands / organizers / venues / labels 

Be creative and let others help. People who had some awesome moments thanks to you, your art and work are really glad to help!  

You know about a project or have an idea you wanna spread? Tell us about it – here or at our Facebook or Instagram profile. We’re happy to spread it. 

We’re working on broadening this list. So come back from time to time.

Stay positive! Stay social! Stay safe and healthy!

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