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1Do you remember the first hardcore / punk show you went to? Is the club still open today?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad

That was some punk/metal allnighter in my hometown 2000 km from Moscow. There were around 15 local bands playing on a shitty equipment in the factory club. Everyone was drunk, mobs of angry rednecks were attacking kids outside of the club and people were also fighting each other inside – that was  pure chaos. I don’t remember much of that night, let alone any band names, but that was a good beginning.


2What is your all-time favorite club or location?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad

Hard to choose, we’ve played some great venues and been to shows that were awesome all over the world. Just from the top of the head: Molotow in Marseille and Kopi squat in Berlin. We also had great time performing in Berlin at 1st May demonstration, rapping from the moving truck, which reminded us of our early gigs in Russia. Another memorable moment  was our performance at Karlsoy Festival – on a small island of the same name in Norway, above the Polar Circle   – the nature was unbelievable amazing and the whole fest was great.

3Do you remember the first hardcore / punk record you got?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad

That was some bootleg tape compilation with the bands like The Misfits, 7 Seconds, Ramones, borrowed from a friend. In case of vinyl – my  first recording was Suicidal Tendencies’ “Join The Army”, which my friends gave me for my 16th Birthday – I bet it cost a fortune to them – thanks!

4In your opinion what is the perfect hardcore show?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad and Ski Mask G

First of all it’s an all-ages show where people respect each other, without macho bullshit and violence.

5What is your all-time favorite show you’ve played?

Answered by Ski Mask G

25 years anniversary of KOPI, the legendary Berlin squat. We were headlining the show and it was absolutely packed with people from different parts of the world. Everyone went crazy. You can see parts of that show in our music video “It’s Us”. Great feeling of unity, solidarity and friendship. After the show there were DJ’s on stage spinning Drum’n’Bass and the venue was just as packed with all people dancing to it all night.

6Is there a show you missed in the past that still makes you angry that you could not be there?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad

The Motorhead gig in Russia around 4 years ago. It was cancelled at the very last moment and that was my last chance to see Lemmy alive. RIP legend.

7What band would you like to see again?

Answered by Ski Mask G

Million Dead Cops. I was passing through New York several years ago and MDC were playing in the legendary ABC No Rio venue. I rushed to the show… and it was MDC playing acoustic. It was still great, but I’d love to see them do a traditional set.

8Is there a person who has influenced you especially in hardcore / punk?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad

Raybeez of Warzone

9What are you top 3 hardcore-punk drummers / front men (women)?

Answered by Boltcutter Vlad and Ski Mask G


  • Wendy O Williams of Plasmatics
  • Mark Greenway of Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror
  • Ice T of Body Count


D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys, Marky Ramone of the Ramones (one the MDB members once had an honor to perform together with Marky on stage more than 15 years ago), Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden (not  a punk/hardcore but Iron Maiden is forever)

10What is in your opinion the most underrated hardcore-punk band?

Answered by Ski Mask G

The Restarts


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