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AWAY FROM LIFE ist ein Hardcore/Punk-Magazin von der Szene für die Szene! Alle Autoren betreiben das E-Zine aus Spaß und wollen der Szene, die sie lieben, etwas zurückgeben. Unser Team möchte dabei mit aktuellen News & Shows, Plattenreviews und Interviews mit Bands informieren und unterhalten. DO IT YOURSELF! Dies ist das Administratorprofil der Website. Bei Fragen und Anregungen seid ihr hier oder bei dem Autor Simon richtig! Wir würden uns auch auf ein Feedback von dir freuen!

Report to the SUPPORT OUR SCENE FEST 2017

Support Our Scene Fest 2017 You would like to visit a small Festival in a foreign country? In Denmark maybe?...

Don’t Sleep – Don’t Sleep ::: Review (2017)

DON’T SLEEP is a new band from Harrisburg, PA and Washington D.C. featuring Dave Smalley, the singer of influential hardcore and punk bands such as Dag Nast...

Interview with IN OTHER CLIMES from France)

AFL: Your new EP 'Party Animal Advisory' is out now via Bastardized Recordings. What made you put these two songs on a separate release? Are they a sign of ...

Interview with MY TURN from Greece

MY TURN is a hardcore ban of Volos, Greece, which foune 2010. On 19th August they will release finally their current full-length My Turn on vinyl and tape. ...

„With Regret“ the last interview with EXPIRE

With Regret, a more fitting title can't be found, for the last album from the band Expire. This is what fans go to read in the beginning of August. The Hard...

20 years THE TURBO AC’s – Interview with singer Kevin

The Turbo AC's celebrates 2016 their 20 year anniversary. We could talk during their current European tour to frontman Kevin in an interview about the re-re...

Interview with THE INTERRUPTERS to „Say It Oud Lout“

Interview with Jesse and Justin from THE INTERRUPTERS to their new Album "Say It Out Loud", their influences in music and Tim Armstrong. Interview with Jess...

HC History – The Beginning Of Everything: #1 with Jesse Barnett (STYG, Trade Wind)

Jesse Barnett knows hardcore – that's a fact. At the age of 12 he began listening to the music and three years later he founded Stick To Your Guns: By now a...

THE RUTS DC: Interview with the punk legend about their new album

The Ruts DC are back! So the UK punk legend will release a new album called "Music Must Destroy" on the 16th of Sepetember 2016. We were able to talk to Rut...

Interview with H2O bassist Adam Blake

We could make an interview with H2O bassist Adam Blake about their new album "Use Your Voice", the tour life and the future of the band before the show in S...

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