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The street punk pioneers The Casualties will release their brand new full-length Written In Blood on Friday, the 26th October 2018. Written In Blood is not just the first The Casualties release since over two years, it’s also the first full-length with new singer David Rodriguez who has replaces The Casualties founding member Jorge Herrera.

We were able to talk to drummer Meggers in an interview about the new era and the future plans of the band.

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Interview with The Casualties drummer Meggers

Meggers - The Casualties
Megers (The Casualties)

It’s amazing actually having a singer who truly cares.

AFL: “Written In Blood” sounds for me like back in the “Under Attack” era and you recorded the songs at The Blasting Room Studios, too. So what was your intention behind the idea to go back there for recording with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore again?

Meggers: it’s funny you say that, “Under Attack” is my favorite album we’ve ever done. We know working with Bill and Jason brings out the best in us. They work us hard and it shows. Now that the band has a new frontman, we wanted to sound and write the best we could. The only place we wanted to record was at the Blasting Room. It took a lot of scheduling and begging for discounts, but we all made it happen and I am stoked on the outcome.

AFL: Why do you decided to release „Written In Blood“ on Cleopatra Records and not on Season of Mist again?

Meggers: We did two records with Season Of Mist, like every record label there’s good and bad aspects. It was just time to go somewhere else. Cleopatra stepped in and we just felt comfortable with them. One of the guys is a Old New York punk and hardcore guy, so he understands the band and knows what we’re about. And have you ever seen their catalog? Haha.. it’s insane. From GBH to David Hasselhoff. I love the diversity.

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

AFL: “Written In Blood” is the first record without Jorge as singer. When I am listing to “Written In Blood” I think that’s a good mixture between The Casualties and Krum Bums. How refreshing it was to work together with David as a band member on a new record? What has changed with Jorge’s exit for The Casualties?

Meggers: It’s weird to even say we’re “working” with David. He’s been our friend for so long; it just seemed like a natural fit. It’s amazing actually having a singer who truly cares. He cares about his lyrics and his performance. Something we haven’t seen in years unfortunately. One major change again.. is having someone who cares. He knew he had some big shoes to fill and he takes it very seriously and he has fun with it. The band is having more fun again. And it shows on stage. On our last tour with David, people who have seen us for years and years would say, “it was like seeing you guys for the 1st time again. The old energy is back!” And that’s exactly what this band needed.

AFL: Do you still have contact with Jorge? How is he and what is he doing now after leaving The Casualties?

Meggers:  Nope. I haven’t heard a thing from him after his last show in New Jersey.

Our Interview with Meggers in 2016

AFL: Personally, I think that David fits great as a new singer! But I’ve always heard voices that The Casualties should have break up with Jorge’s exit. What can you say to the people who say that?

Meggers: I say what my dad used to say “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.” People don’t understand that’s it has been me, Jake and rick doing EVERYTHING for so long. We write the songs, we drive the van, we load the gear, we do everything involved that a touring band needs to do. Are we supposed to give up everything we’ve worked for, for over 20 years because one guys doesn’t want to do it anymore? If I had to or felt like I need to quit the band, I would wish the other guys the best and not expect them to slow down at all. The Casualties are much more than any one member. And plenty of bands have continued after changing their singer, from Van Halen to Discharge. Iron Maiden to the Dropkick Murphys. We love this band, and dedicated our lives tonight. We will continue till we drop dead.  Which might be soon.

AFL: Songs like “All Out War”, “Smash” and especially “Borders” are showing a critical and pissed point of view of living in the USA under Donald Trump. What has been changed for you in your life since he is the president and what influences it has on your music?

Meggers: Our president is an asshole and embarrassment. We see and hear about his actions every day. And if you aren’t disgusted by his words and actions, you’re not paying attention. The abuse of power from politicians and the police, is running rampant in the states right now, that influences a lot of our songs. I’m dealing with immigration issues now with my wife. It is NOT easy.

AFL: Do you think there are some similarities for the punk scene about angry and political music between the Reagan era in the 80s and Trump today?

Meggers: Of course! And we will continue to see the similarities. As long as there is authoritative figures using their power and influence to benefit the upper class, there will always be angry, anti-government music.

AFL: When do you guys come back for a longer tour in Europe? It’s been a while!

Meggers: We will be back early 2019 January/February, for a long winter tour. We can’t wait.

AFL: Apropos touring – What is your secret to fight the hangover the next day?

Meggers: Water! I’m a freak who drinks at least 4 liters a day. Always eat something and chug some water before you pass out.

AFL: The image of The Casualties for me is often connected with spikey hair and Mohawks. And that’s quite cool! But what does your hair think about it? I mean Meggers is the first involuntary skinhead in the band, who is next?

Meggers: I love the image, always have and always will. It is an important part of this band. But when it’s time, it’s time. I wasn’t going to be that guys with the thinning Mohawk, clinging to scraps. I like having a shaved head and so does my wife. BUT I’m glad it’s just me. All the other guys hairlines are doing just fine.

AFL: This year have been already released so many great releases. What was your favorite record of 2018 so far?

Meggers: I’m going to have to say “Corrupted Youth”. A killer punk band from the Los Angeles area. Check them out and get their LP. Because it kicks serious ass.

AFL: Here are some tags. What comes to mind first?

  • Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt: The fuck is that?
  • Straight Edge: More power to you. You’re a stronger person then I could ever be.
  • Sport: Skateboarding. It’s what I grew up doing.
  • Beer: Yes.
  • Vegan: Yup! Marc Robert Eggers is animal friendly. Love them, don’t eat them.

AFL: Thank you for the interview! Have you any last words or something to add?

Meggers: Thanks for the interview and can’t wait for you all to hear the record. Thanks so much for everyone who has supported this band over the years. Without you all, this band is nothing. We’ll see you on the road soon. Cheers!

Written In Blood will be released on 26th October 2018 on Cleopatra Records.


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