A Vulture Wake added after their amazing debut Album The Appropriate Level of Outrage another 3 track EP called Fall Prey.

The band formed in 2016, consisting of scene greats like Chad Price (ALL, Drag The River), Joe Raposo (RKL, Lagwagon), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance, The Real McKenzies) and Brandon Landelius (Authority Zero, The Mag Seven).

Qualitatively, the songs tie seamlessly to the material of the longplayer. The sound of the band has an extremely high recognition value, coupled with the unmistakable voice of Chad Price makes this newly founded combo just mighty punk rock mood. Especially noteworthy is the first song Collateral Damage which proves what is possible when four such great musicians join together to form a band.

This year we had also the opportunity to an interview with guitarist Brandon Landelius, in which he presented a tour in Germany for the coming year in view. You can read the whole interview here again.

  1. Collateral Damage
  2. Rifferton
  3. Feed The Machine


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