Interview with Nick Jett of TERROR


AFL: YO! It’s great to see you and the guys from TERROR again.  Our last interview was back in 2015 ( Nick talking about TERROR) and my first for AFL. How’s it been since then?

Nick: I can’t complain. Everything is really good.

AFL: The first part of the tour began a few days ago. How is the tour so far?

Nick: It’s great, it’s easy. We’re cruising on the bus and don’t have to do shit. We get where we have to go play for 30 minutes and that’s it.

AFL after the PERSISTENCE TOUR what’s up next for you (Nick) Do you have any Recording or mixing sessions planed, and if so for whom?

Nick: I’m doing some Demo stuff with Take Offence a band from Chula Vista, CA. We are doing a kind of Demo for Promotional use to shop for labels and stuff. That’s basically what I’m working on right now, so when I get back from this that is what I’ll be working on.

AFL: Tell us a little about your musical roots and upbringing before TERROR.

Nick: Yeh, my dad is a drummer and my mom’s side of the family has a bunch of musicians. I was exposed to a bunch of different kinds of music, from R&B, Soul to Punk Rock and Heavy Metal even some classical music alongside Jazz. My Dad was in the Punk New Wave scene in the early 80’s in L.A. and Hollywood. He exposed me to Punk Rock and that’s what I gravitated to the most and then transitioned to Hardcore, after discovering hardcore bands. It all started from there.

AFL: What kind of drum Kit do you use, a: Studio b: Tour.

Nick: I have an endorsement with Spaun Drums they are a company from California, normal if they didn’t sound good in the studio I wouldn’t use them but,, they actually sound really good. I have a few different Spaun Kit’s, I keep one out here in Europe, and it stays here in Germany. I use that one on tour in Europe. The other Kit’s that I have back in the States, I use on tour or in the studio, when we are recording stuff.

AFL: In your opinion what is the best was to mike a Drum Kit, a: Live vs studio. And mic type?

Nick: It’s actually pretty similar. Usually the more mic’s the better so that you have more options later on during mixing and recording, or for live front of house. You can always take microphones out if you don’t need them. Usually it’s the same amount of mic’s the difference would be for recording. In the studio you might use more sensitive condenser microphones. I use a Neumann microphone for outside of the Kick Drum in the studio, its super sensitive, so it kind of gets this Boom sound. You wouldn’t use it Live, it would just be a bunch of noise. Also you might want to use room microphones, in the Drum Room, when you are recording, so it doesn’t sound like a little box

AFL: What are the best stands, pedals, cymbals and what is your preferred hardware? Is there a big difference in maker and price range?

Nick: It comes down to what works. It doesn’t make a big difference to me. Spaun makes a bunch of hardware, I use all Spaun Hardware, they make bass drum pedals and everything so, and I use it.

AFL: You have produced, recorded and mixed a whole bunch of hardcore bands, which is to date your favorite.

Nick: Hum, (pauses a moment to reflect), I have a few experiences that were probaly like the coolest. One of them was like I did a Strife record where I recorded Igor from Sepultura filling in on drums for the recording. The guitarist Andrew and I flew down to Brazil. We actually went to Igor’s studio or the rather the one he works out of. We Produced and Recorded Igor’s drums down in Brazil, it was a unique experience. Defiantly one of the coolest!

AFL: I can only imagine what he has for a drum kit?

Nick: Igor’s a straight forward drummer. He doesn’t play like all kinds of crazy shit; it’s just his style that’s different.

AFL: You have worked with Crowned Kings on their Album Forked Road and again on their new Album Sea Of Misery, which is set to be released March 23. How did you come to work with them? What’s the hardcore scene like in Australia?

Nick: I meet those guys when TERROR played in Melbourne. I spoke with Makka (their singer), we sort of E-mailed for a couple of years really just trying to lock in a time, and they were really interested in working with me. Eventually we figured out a good time and they all flew out to California. It cost them a lot of money. They had to fly out to CA., pay for a studio and logging, Aside from going to Vegas for a weekend partying, (Nick grins broadly) yeh!; so they had a big trip. The second one I went out to Melbourne Australia. We found a drum studio and recorded in the studio. We recorded the Guitars, Vocals and Bass at Bosty’s house. I Mixed it all back in L.A… JA, they are a bunch of great guys, they work really, really hard and they deserve whatever comes their way.

AFL: What are you taking on the hardcore scene in Australia?

Nick: I think it’s changed over the years. The first time I went there was in 2003. Nit was a pretty small scene there were only a couple of bands. Everyone was really excited and came out to shows but there were only 2-3 different bands in the whole country. Now it’s like any other continent. There a ton of different bands with different styles.

AFL: Touring with Hatebreed and Madball hold special significance for you? And are you like just one big Hardcore Family?

Nick: Yeh, Hatebreed was one of the bands that everyone looked up to when they were first starting out. They were a hardcore band becoming crossover and playing to all kinds of people, and expose people to hardcore music. This is what we (TERROR) try to do. So it’s special to me.

AFL: TERROR is set to release a new album, is that true?

Nick: Yes we plan on recording in May, and we should release the album in the autumn.

AFL: Do you have a working Tittle, and how many songs will be on the album?

Nick: Not yet. We have some ideas floating around for a tittle and we still have to lock in some songs. It will be an LP probably out in October.

AFL: How is the new line up going?

Nick: Our latest addition to the line-up is Chris. We’ve been friends for years and he’s a perfect fit.

AFL: Do you have plans to play this year’s European summer festivals? Which festival are you looking forward to the most?

Nick: I know we are playing a lot but not 100% sure which ones. I do know we are playing Hell Fest. I am always looking forward to playing that one, because there is always a good mix of different types of bands. I also thing we are playing on the same day as Turbonegro, I a big fan of theirs.

AFL: What is your stance on concert goers taking photos and videos of your performance and posting it in social media?

Nick: Jah, I think it’s cool if it can get some excited to go out to a show, then I’m all for it. If someone is lazy on their ass, sitting on their couch eating pizza, and see a sick Hardcore show on their Instagram and motivates them to go to the next show, I’m all for it.

AFL: Do you have you any last words?

Nick: Yah, Just keep an eye out for the album when it drops later this year. We will be back 3 more times before the end of this year so come check us out live. Thanks for the interview.

QuellePhoto by Michelle Olaya
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