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Mein Name ist Simon und ich habe AWAY FROM LIFE Anfang 2015 ins Leben gerufen. Ich lebe und liebe Hardcore & Punk-Rock seit meinem 13ten Lebensjahr und bin seitdem stetig auf der Suche nach neuen Bands. In meiner Freizeit besuche ich möglichst viele Shows, versuche mich durch verschiedene Sportarten fit zu halten, liebe gutes Essen und unternehme möglichst viel mit meinen Freunden und meiner Familie. Bei Fragen, Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge, könnt ihr euch gerne an mich wenden. DIY OR DIE!

Interview Sulynn Hago of PROPAGANDHI

After Propagandhi just completed the first part of their tour to their new Album Victory Lap, we were able to talk to guitarist Sulynn Hago in an interview....

Interview with James Menefee of LONG ARMS

First of ll, it’s great to have an interview with you, How is it Going? I am getting ready to watch all of Stranger Things, Season Two in one sitting so ...

Interview with BACKTRACK to „Bad To My World“

AFL: Hey, how are you? Firstly thanks for taking time for the interview. You will release on 17th November your long-awaited third full-length BAD TO MY WOR...

HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #10 with Karl Smith (Jaya The Cat)

Jaya The Cat will release on 17th November 2017 their brand new, long-awaited full-length A Good Day For The Damned via Bomber Music. Reason for us to ta...

HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #9 with Ricky Singh (Backtrack)

HC History with Backtrack guitarist Ricky Singh. Do you remember the first hardcore / punk show you went to? Is the club still open today? The first punk-...

Interview with hardcore heavyweight GET THE SHOT

We were able to talk with Get The Shot bassist Dan Fisher Roberge in an interview about the new full-length Infinite Punishment, the upcoming European tour ...

HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #8 with Chris Barker (Anti-Flag)

Anti-Flag will release their brand new full-length American Fall on 3rd November 2017. We were able to talk to Anti-Flag bassist / singer Chris Barker aka C...

HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #7 with Dan Fisher Roberge (Get The Shot)

We we're able to talk with Get The Shot bassist Dan Fisher Roberge about his hardcore-punk history. You can find our whole interview with Dan on our website...

Interview with the NYHC band THE LAST STAND

The Last Stand is a hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY which founded in the year 2010.  After their debut full-length The Time Is Now (2013, Demons Run Amok En...

Interview with THESE STREETS to „Unfinished Business“

Interview with Cameron of THESE STREETS to their new full-length UNFINISHED BUSINESS which will be released in August via Beatdown Hardwear. AFL: Hey, how ...

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