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YO WHAT'S UP! Mein Name ist Franz, aka Toeone aka Toe aka Der Ami, aka Hey Alter! Ich wurde in Brooklyn (USA) geberen und höre Hardcore & Punk-Rock seit den 70ern. Ich bin Familienvater, Musiker und Sportler. In meiner Freizeit stehe ich auf Reisen, botanische Gärten, Tierparks, Kunst, Technik und historische Museen. Bei AWAY FROM LIFE bIn ich Allrounder; der Mann für Rat und Tat. Ich helfe beim übersetzten vons englische ins deutsche & umgekrht, führe nterviews, schreibe Reviews, filme Videos und helfe beim Bandscouting PMA!

Interview with Riley Gale of POWER TRIP

AFL: YO! It’s great to see you guys again. We saw you on your last tour with NAPALM DEATH last May, where there were a lot of Metal heads. We felt that, the...

Interview with TURNSTILE singer Brendan Yates

AFL: YO! It’s great to talk with you. You are about to release a new album at the end of the month, Titled Time and Space is that still on track for the 23r...

Interview with Nick Jett of TERROR

AFL: YO! It’s great to see you and the guys from TERROR again.  Our last interview was back in 2015 ( Nick talking about TERROR) and my first for AFL. How’s...

Interview with Craig Silverman (Agnostic Front, Slapshot)

AFL: I’m here at Punk Rock Holiday 2017. I was able to sit down and chat with Craig Silverman Guitarist from SLAPSHOT and AGNOSTIC FRONT. Craig are you ...

Interview with THE REAL MCKENZIES on the Punk Rock Holiday 2017

AFL: First off, congratulations on the 25th anniversary. Can we look forward to another 25 years? Paul: As an answer to your question yes; and thank you....

Interview with Zack and Brian of PEARS

AFL: Greetings Franz here from AWAY FROM LIFE with Brian and Zack of PEARS in Tolmin on the Punk Rock Holiday 1.7. First off there have been a few storms in...

Interview with Jack „Choke“ Kelly of SLAPSHOT

AFL: Greetings. Franz and Simon here with Jack „Choke“ Kelly, singer of Boston hardcore-punk legend SLAPSHOT from Boston. AFL: Hey Jack, how are you? Is ...

Interview with Freddy Cricien of MADBALL

AFL: Greetings I’m Franz from AWAY FROM LIFE here with Stephan and Timo from Punkrockers-Radio and we are interviewing Freddy „Madball“ Cricien lead singer ...

Interview with C.J. RAMONE of the legendary Ramones!

Christopher Joseph Ward better know as C.J. Ramone was bassist of the legendary punk band Ramones from 1989, and played with them before the band called it ...

Interview with CROWNED KINGS to their new full-length

Crowned Kings are a 5 piece heavy metal/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. The band grew with fast momentum around early 2010 with a steady fanbase ex...

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