Easy Money

AFL: Hi guys, you’ve released a split with Bun Dem Out for a few days? How came the idea of the split and how you get in contact with Bun Dem Out?

We met the members of Bun Dem Out when we toured UK & visited London in 2017, that winter we discussed the idea. Fast forward to 2019 we talked & decided to make it happen.

AFL: Your two songs on the split sounded much heavier than your previous releases and for me you get also more into beatdown. Was it planned to change your sound?

It wasn’t really planned. We found the reaction we desired from our audience while playing to bigger crowds & on larger tours. This newer style is focused to bring that reaction out of people who listen. Stalk & Nagase Kings are two of the heavier tracks from the LP. We chose them because we wanted to compliment Bun Dem Out’s side of the Split. There is plenty of groove & hip-hop/hardcore influence in the other material coming out soon.


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AFL: Two new songs aren’t enough! Have you also plans to release a new full-length? If yes have you some more details for us?

Our first full-length record You Can’t Win is in the process of being recorded currently. Coming out through BDHW Records. We did the split to test out our recording methods & material that will hold people over while we spend time coming into our style for the LP.

AFL: Could you name three which influence Easy Money in general most?

43Urban, New Jersey Hardcore, Bad Seed.

AFL: In November you come back to Europe finally! I guess you’re already looking forward as we are. What memories have remained of your first European tour? And how is the European scene different from the scene in Arizona or USA in general?

We are very excited to come back! Best memories of Europe would be the audience reactions. We played plenty of high-energy shows with passionate crowd reactions we will never forget. Also the food was badass. I would say the scene is different in the sense that the venues & promoters are more professional. We have alot of DIY spaces in Arizona, garages, basements, houses, etc. In europe we always played nice clubs & had solid stage sound & air-conditioning! Arizona is a brutally hot climate to play shows in.

AFL: “Thank you everyone. Sorry the show was cut short, we are glad no one was harmed. This shouldn’t have to be said, keep gun violence out of the hardcore scene. Solve your problems another way” – that I ready on your Facebook timeline for a few month. Could you say what happen? Is it a common problem with hardcore shows?

There was a show we booked in a house in downtown Phoenix. There was a fight during the band Upstart. Once the fight was broken up, people involved came back with a gun and shot at the house to intimidate eachother. Luckily no one was harmed. It has happened before in Arizona at rap & hardcore shows and people have been injured at killed. It’s not a common thing, but it is unfortunate. Since this happened we decided to open our own DIY venue to create a safer environment we can control to host shows in.

AFL: You will play also our Stäbruch Festival in November – we’re really looking forward that you’re on the bill! Which bands you’re looking forward most on Stäbruch?

Agnostic Front and our brothers in Guilt Trip!

AFL: If you could choose a band you can play a tour together. Which band would you choose and where would you play the tour?

We would choose SIX FT DITCH to tour with in USA.

AFL: Here are some tags. What come you in mind first?

  • Skatepunk: Lords of Dog-town, Rancid.
  • In-N-Out: we need a sponsorship!
  • Straight Edge: a promise to yourself of fulfillment. Earth Crisis!
  • German Food: BEER & PRETZELS!
  • Vinyl: a full representation of a band, the artwork, lyrics, music, colorways & inserts are all part of the magic.
  • Crowdkilling: it’s what Germany and Arizona have in common, it fuels the aggression behind this music.
  • AWAY FROM LIFE: these guys know Hardcore & Punk!

AFL: Thank you for taking time! Have you any last words or something to add?

Thanks to everyone who checked out the new tracks. Our debut Full Length is on the way!


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