Roger Miret on Mission Ready Festival (Photo by Michelle Olaya)

During the Mission Ready Festival 2019 in Giebelstadt Germany. We got to catch up with Roger Miret. During our conversation Roger talked about the current tour, what’s in store for the future and most importantly the release date of the the new album. Read the entire interview to get all the details.

AFL: Your current  European tour is almost over, but you will be back over here in Europe for almost three weeks in  August. Then back again in November for another few weeks. How has the tour gone so far? What were some of the Highs and Lows of the tour?

Roger: The tour has been great. We all had a great time. I can‘t say anything negative. The best thing that happened so far was that Vinnie was a Guest-Game Show-host in Belgium at the Graspop Metal Meeting Festival. If you can go to their home page and check it out, there is a link. It’s hilarious, funny as hell. He hosted their version of the wheel of fortune called the Week of Death. It was really great! And there was my birthday a few days ago on June 30th.


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AFL: What was the worst thing that happened?

Roger: Our Driver somehow, well, first off, we were supposed to play a show in France. We drove from Switzerland to Germany five hours out of the way. So a drive that would have normally been eight hours, turned out to be 18 hours. That was hard because the very next day one of the tires blew out and we spent an additional four hours on the side of the high way. Which just added on to the already ten hour drive. So it’s been a little rough here and there.

AFL: In November you will be back in Europe and headlining the Stäbruch Festival in Untererthal, Germany. Have you heard of the festival and how did you get slotted as the headliner.

Roger: (Looking at a Flyer for the Stäbruch Festival.) Oh man I don’t even know where I’m playing. It’s the end of this leg of our tour, so dates and places get jumbled up. Oh man, November 9th, that’s the first show. That’s yours right?

AFL: Yes, it’s presented by AWAY FROM LIFE.

Roger: Oh very cool, with Siberian Meat Grinder, i love those guys. The Take and Coldside are playing too. I know and like those bands a lot.

AFL: What do you think of Will’s new band The Take and how will it be on tour with him and watching him do his own stuff?

Roger: Will is our brother. I just found out recently that we will play with The Take. We usually do our own thing but we will be playing bunch of shows with him.

Early Agnostic Front

AFL: Do you know all the bands on the Stäbruch Lineup?

Roger: I’m familiar with Siberian Meat Grinder, Misconduct, The Take, Desolated, Coldside and The Detectors. Im not so sure about the other bands

AFL: At Stäbruch, which band are you most looking forward to?

Roger: The Take for sure, and Coldside are friends of mine. Love Siberian Meat Grinder.

AFL: Anything special in store for that show?

Roger: We have a new album coming out on November 8th. So it will our first show with the New album. We will have it and new Merch with us. We will be celebrating that. The new album will be called „Get Loud“. We are leaving Here Mission Ready festival and heading straight to the studio, to finish recording.

AFL: OK now we know the title and release date. How many songs will be on the new album?

Roger: At least fourteen.

AFL: Why type of music can we expect on the new album „Get Loud“? Will it be a throwback to early material or continuation of your last album?

Roger: Well it’s going to be an Agnostic Front record. I actually like it better than the last one. It has elements of the last one, with crazy fast, straight up generic hardcore songs. It’s got an awesome sing along. There is a heavier Thrash sound as well. To me it’s a kind of warriors thing Cause for Alarm meets the last record. In fact the artwork is being done by Sean Taggart who did Cause for Alarm. There will be a lot of good stuff. Nuclear Blast is putting out the album.

AFL: From all the bands you‘ve played with this tour, which band is a must see live?

Roger:  Oh man, we‘ve played a lot of Festivals and there have been so many bands. It‘s tricky to narrow it down to just one. I would say Wendy‘s Surrender from France, I really liked them. Right now they are the first band that pops into mind aside from all the classic bands that we have known and played with for years.

AFL: Thanks for the interview. Any last words?

Roger: Yah, thank you and I’ll see you in November.


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