Horny shit! That was my first thought when I first saw that video have seen the song Warzone of Xile . Xile is a newly established Hardcore / Beatdown band from New Zealand, which is their debut EP Grafton equal once published on 03 October 2016 BDHW Records. Rapid entry !

Review for „Grafton“ of Xile

Grafton contains five songs in a more pop than the next . Xile shoot the listener without mercy fireworks of hardcore, beatdown and Violence on the ears. Ton Breaks, razor sharp tempo changes and a bitter evil sound.

The band reminds here and there to the Belgians by Nasty, with the difference that the songs flow substantially metal – dominant out of the speakers . Very strong debut with superior production. I am sure that you will be hearing from Xile yet and the first European tour will have to wait too much longer in coming.

Tracklist „Grafton“

01. 369
02. Promise Of Bloodshed
03. Frozen Over
04. Burn
05. Warzone

- Werbung -


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