POISON HEART – Interview with the Punk’n’Roll band from Poland

Interview with Punk'N'Roll band POISON HEART from Warsaw (Poland) about the band, the punk-rock scene in Poland and their plans for the future.


Poison Heart from Poland’s capital Warsaw formed 2010 and have released since them two full-length albums. Just in January 2016 they put out their new album „Strong Ties„. We could talk to Poison Heart in an interview about the band, the scene in Poland, their new record and the upcoming tour in Germany.

Interview with Poison Heart from Poland

Poison Heart (Photo: Band)

AFL: Hey! How are you? Can you short introduce yourself for everybody who don’t know POISON HEART so far?

Pawel: Hi! Hi! We are great, let it be way for long! It’s in a nutshell, we’re five, we play punk’n’roll and we’re from Warsaw. We have released 2 albums „Wasted“ and „Strong Ties“ with Zodiac Killer Records from US and in the moment our split recording „Monsterace„, along with Bomb The World is coming out.

Jacek: We like nice girls and German beer. I can say we are like earth quake before tsunami. You invite us to a party and you’re apprehensive, BUT after the action your brain is so devastated and the only thing that comes to your mind is to reconcile with God.

AFL: In a few days you will start a mine German tour with three shows in Berlin, Dortmund and Hamburg. You’re looking forward? What experiences you made in Germany on tour and how do you enjoy the life on road?

P: Yes, we will be once again in Germany. We like to play for you, it brings us a lot of energy and motivation, you know, that’s something new and other than playing in your own area, especially that at yours there is a better reception to the music we do.

Poison Heart with Hell Nation Army.

All trips to your country we count as the best, now we have planned three concerts. First in Berlin at the Cortina Bob where we play with our friends from Hell Nation Army. Then we go with them to Hamburg and there comes the Austrian Reverend Backflash band with who we go further to Dortmund for Shitmachine Shaking Party – X-Mass Edition.

This tour, again, is arranged by Subkultura Booking, the agency which we are fortunate to work with for another year and we have never been disappointed. It’s a pleasure to work with this team and their professional approach to the subject is a big thing.

J: We won’t lie, that it is a “wurst and bicycles” (kind-a polish joke) In Germany, we always have good reception and we get to know the massive groups of dope people, also a lot of Poles, living in Germany, are coming for concerts currently, this is an opportunity to meet and chat with compatriots how they are doing.

We spend time always intensively, sleeping off later during a day on the bus. Our trips are always an ordeal for our friend and driver ‘Badger’, although he always says that he likes the challenge and takes the another trip, but honestly I think that now he prays for little low tension! The truth is that the bus is very cheerful, a lot of singing, frequent stops and running through the side road grass without trousers (but panties on, of course), fortunately, the German police is very understanding, haha!


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AFL: Have you choose the band name POISON HEART after the RAMONES Song “Poison Heart” from their album “Mondo Bizarro”?

P: Ha! Everyone is asking! Bull’s-eye! Lately we have recorded their cover for the album „Ramones Maniacs Poland“ (compilation of covers from bands from Poland) and for split recording „Monsterace“ but will not reveal which, to arouse some curiosity.

AFL: What are your main influences with the band and what are your inspiration to writing and playing music?

J: In fact, every one of us before starting their journey with Poison Heart played or listened to punk rock and rock’n’roll and by me, you cannot do this music if you do not have anything to do with it. Furthermore, you have to like it, live it. So did the best bands and we do and I’m not talking here about the most famous folks.

P: We have a lots of inspirations, but it is mostly Scandinavian scene. The most influential are Gluecifer, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Peepschows and The Nomads. The reviews mention that we do music like Swedish band, maybe that’s the cause. Of course, a strong influence on what we do are classics such as MC5, Radio Birdman and Sonic Rendezvous Band, we cannot be free from these influences, all the time we go back to them.

AFL: What plans do you have in the next times with POISON HEART?

P: Now we are working on another album and new video to the song from split album. Probably we will play part of the material during this tour.

J: Split recording with our Cracow buddies from Bomb The World soon we will have in hands, and not slowing down the pace, we think also about further tours. We are talking to people who want us to do some gigs in France, Switzerland, who knows, maybe we will succeed!

AFL: You release this year your new album “Strong Ties”. How does the album differ from your first full-length in your opinion?

P: This album was very well received and well-reviewed throughout the world, for example: Classic Rock Magazine from Sleazegrinder ranked it 7/10, Polish Metal Hammer edition 4/5, Australian 100% ROCK Magazine set 7/10.

We feel It gives a picture that we don’t stand still but develop musically, as indeed we feel, we think we are more confident, and more and more and more excited what we do. We think Strong Ties is a more mature album, we spent some time how we sound, you know, every step you take you gain more experience. On the „Wasted“ recording our drummer has recorded material after 3 weeks since joining PH, „Strong Ties“ material was done with current team and is more ‘cooked’.

J: The first album ‘Wasted’ was like kicking out the door to the pub, now we are sitting in and drink a beer, but the truth is that this pub once will be ours…

AFL: Can you say us some more about the hardcore and punk-rock scene in Poland? And do remember how do you get into hardcore / punk?

J: We have something to brag about on our domestic scene. HC/Punk has always been good, although it was always a little harder for our bands to keep up on stage longer and a lot of promising bands fell apart after a while. Currently, we have a strong scene and there is always something interesting going on.

Punk’nRoll bands like Bomb The World, Diesel, The Cuffs, Tiger Skull, The Stubs or street punk bands like The Analogs, The Sandals or Lazy Class. Or hardcore-punk bands like Dezerter, Government Flu, SUICIDEBYCOP, Castet, Astrid Lindgren, Street Chaos. Psychobilly bands like Bombat Belus, Headless Babies. And a lot more like Belgrado or Teraz i Tu and son on!

How did we get in? Doing gigs with right people for right people. At the beginning it was not easy. Before the scene begins to respect you, it always takes time. Just at the beginning everyone is listening if this is not another boys’ band looking for excitement. One has to have rules on this scene. Then comes respect.

P: I would recommend to check such compilations as Warsaw Punk Attack, if someone wants he can get LP from us also during this tour. There’s a lot of bands from Warsaw on that LP. On the current 3rd edition you can find our song „Anthem“. Anyway, it’s nice that there are people in our city (unfortunately, not many) who want to do such things and do not have problem to mix different types to present it to wider audience.

AFL: If you could choose a band you can play a tour together. Which band would you choose and where would you play the tour?

J: Currently, we are going during this tour for 2 gigs with our favorite band from Berlin ‘Hell Nation Army’, which we also hosted in Warsaw and guys have been very well received. Together we play gigs and we like each other, so we are not leaving venues right after last note;) In general, we have a lot of friendly bands with whom we like to play as VCPS from Sweden or Christmas from Germany too. These Bands are of very cool people and thanks to that we can spent a great time with them. So, next we take our buddies and leave for the US!

P: Observing how Hellacopters re-union develops – maybe someday with them? Hehe!

AFL: Thanks for the interview! Have you something to add or any last words?

J: Thanks for this, drop in to our with Hell Nation Army and Reverend Backflash gigs. We will do our best to do a kickass frickin’ good shows.

P: Thanks, Stay Strong!

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