AFL: You will come back to Europe and will play over 20 shows in July and August. Is there any show you’re looking forward particular? Endless Summer, Punk Rock Holiday, Ieperfest?

Sam King: All of them! I know that sounds like a generic response but seriously, ALL OF THEM! We have been touring Europe for about seven years now and friends have turned into family and cities have become second homes. Sudrock is always a highlight because of the amazing people running the venue. From the first time we played there it has always been something extremely special that is hard to explain. SBAM Fest, I’m personally really hyped to be a part of because of how hard he works, producing so much awesome content for all these killer fuckin bands. He has done many posters for us and I couldn’t be happier to see him getting his own fest off the ground with so many gnarly bands. It’s an honor to be a part of it!  It’s an honor to be on all these shows.

AFL: On the Ieper Fest there are usually play more hardcore bands. Is it something special to you to play on the open-air? Make you some differences between hardcore and punk-rock?

SK: Everyone in Get Dead respects Hardcore and the scene that surrounds it so much.  The line up is so heavy and we couldn’t be more stoked to have been asked to play it.  Open air fests are always a good time. Honestly our comfort zone is a small club, close quarters combat, but it’s always fun to get down outside with a mass of people ready to rage.

AFL: Do you personally listen to hardcore music? If yes, what is your favorite hardcore band?

SK: I grew up skateboarding in California so yeah, I fuck with hardcore, for sure. I’m really into Defeater, Cro-Mags, and of course, Terror. Our homies From Australia, CLOWNS are gonna be at Leper, which is awesome. We had the pleasure to tour with those maniacs last year and I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t seen them get down live yet…..DO NOT MISS THEM!

AFL: In Germany you have not for nothing the reputation to be a great live band which gives always 100 percent on stage. What is for you the perfect GET DEAD show?

SK: Everyone having a good time, cold beer, loud noise, no cops. Oh yeah, and a dice game!

AFL: Last year you’ve released your third full-length HONESTY LIVES ELSEWHERE on Fat Wreck Chords. Have you already plans for a new release? Maybe an EP or a split? If yes can you give us some more details about it?

SK: We are always working on things and writing. A split would awesome. But no official business on the books as of now.

AFL: What three bands have influenced GET DEAD most?

SK: I can’t speak for the other dudes, as I am in my kitchen in San Jose, CA with my dog as I write this, but my top three most influential have to be: SLAYER, TOM WAITS, and GANGSTARR

AF: What are your favorite records of this year so far?

  1. Western Settings – OLD PAIN (LA ESCALERA RECORDS)
  2. Run The Jewels – 3  (RED DISTRO)
  3. The Weeknd – TRILOGY  (XO Records)

AFL: Thanks for the interview. See you in summer! Have you any last words or something to add?



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Get Dead live 2017

20.07.2017 Hamburg (D) – Molotow
21.07.2017 Winsen (D) – Südwinsen Festival
22.07.2017 Hormersdorf (D) – KNRD Fest (early show)
22.07.2017 Timelkam (A) – SBÄM Fest
23.07.2017 Vienna (A) –  Das Bach
24.07.2017 Bratislava (SVK) – tba
25.07.2017 Pargue (CZ) – tba
27.07.2017 Ronca, VR (IT) – Jack The Ripper
28.07.2017 Milano (IT) – Rock’n’Roll Club
29.07.2017 Albi (FR) – Xtremefest
30.07.2017 Baionako Pestak (FR) – Fêtes de Bayonne
31.07.2017 Paris (FR) – Punkrock Summer 2
02.08.2017 Essen (D) – Südrock
03.08.2017 Wermelskirchen (D) -AJZ Bahndamm
04.08.2017 Berlin (D) – Wild At Heart
05.08.2017 Duffel (BE) – Brakrock Fest
07.08.2017 Zurich (CH) – Dynamo
08.08.2017 Aulendorf (D) – Ireal
09.08.2017 Munich (D) – Rumours
10.08.2017 Tolmin (SLO) – Punkrock Holiday
11.08.2017 Torgau (D) – Endless Summer
12.08.2017 Groningen (NL) – Crowbar
13.08.2017 Iepern (BE) – Ieper Hardcore Fest


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