The hardcore band TERROR have been on their „The 25th Hour“-Tour since this past April also playing selected festivals and clubs this summer. Playing new songs! Fans of the band have been anxiously awaiting the bands release of their sixth studio album “The 25th Hour“ for months, with a release date of 7th of August. This past tour went on without Front man Scott Vogel who could not participate due to health issues. Bassist David Wood (also Front man and singer for the group Down To Nothing) stepped in on the mic. To find out more on how the “The 25th Hour”-Tour went, which shows TERROR likes to play best you can learn in this interview with Drummer Nick Jett.

Terror - Nick Jett
Nick Jett – Schlagzeuger und Gründungsmitglied der Hardcore Band TERROR

TERROR – Interview with Drummer Nick Jett

AFL: LA, Hardcore, punk or Hardcore-Punk, crossover, thrash how do you classify Terror?

J: We are Hardcore!

AFL: Change in the Line-up why?

J: We have had the same line-up for about 7-8 years, before that it was a little bit rougher to be in the band Terror. We weren’t making any money and condition were difficult being on tour nonstop playing 300 shows a year. From then on (7-8 years ago) things got a little bit easier, we picked up a bit of a following. So it’s become easier to tour, which helps the moral of the band, and we also found the right guys, we went through a lot of different people but now everybody in the band is a very important member of the band.

AFL: Who currently in the lineup are you still playing drums?

J: yes I’m still playing the drums.

AFL: Dave the bassist is now on vocals, because Scott suffered an injury and has to take time out. How is Scott doing?

Yes, Dave is on mic this tour! Scott has cancelled this tour cause health issues, but he will be back for the next tour. He’s doing well as far as.


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TERROR – im Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt mit Nick Wood am Mic

AFL: So who’s on bass, did you bring someone in?

J: No we just scaled down to a 4 piece, our guitarist Martin is on bass and we Just playing with one guitar, Dave our bassist is also the front man for DOWN TO NOTHING, so he’s well prepared to sing and front a hard core band and he’s been doing great this tour.

AFL: How’s the tour going so far?

J: It’s cool, but a little bit intimidating to play some of these big festivals with the change (without Scott). We’ve just been trying to have fun with it and not expect too much.

AFL: Which do you prefer large festival stage or smaller venues like here in Schweinfurt?

J: I prefer a small club, because it’s ideal for our band, it’s ideal to see a hardcore show, even tonight is big for me, preference wise. My ideal Terror show would be 200 people packed inside a small room, small stage, like today the stage is relatively high and large so you need to have 400 to500 people to get the place packed.

AFL: (laughs) That shouldn’t be a problem!

J: Well that’s still a big show for me.

The 25th Hour – Back To The Basic!

The 25th Hour - Terror
„The 25th Hour“ erscheint am 07. August

AFL: you guy have a new studio album coming out! Tell us about “The 25th Hour”!

J: The tittle is: The “25th hour”, it’s our 6th album, at this time at this moment in Hardcore we wanted to do something that was really striped down in your face. These days a lot of hardcore bands are gowning into an album in a more professional way, a tin they go 6 different studios, have to do crazy production, have songs with courses and singalongs. Don’t get me wrong some of this stuff is pretty cool, because I have gotten into the producer side of things. I work with other hardcore bands and these are some of things we talk about while writing songs. This moment in Hardcore this moment in Terror it felt appropriate to make an album straight forward and reflective of a live show. Because I think people see Terror as a live band and you can feel the power and intensity of our live show so we made the album “The 25th Hour” to personify the experience.

AFL: What is the release date?

J: It will be release on 7th August!


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Video zu „No Solution“ of „The 25th Hour“

AFL: What are you’re the bands that influenced you, what are your favorite bands?

J: coming from LA mine are Suicidal Tendencies and Strife other bands like them, our singer Scott is originally from New York so we have a crossover of New York Hardcore and West-Coast LA Hardcore – Punk.

AFL: What’s your favorite country to tour in?

J: It must be Germany at this point; we come here so often, probably tour more often in Germany than the U.S.A. Germany is a place we have become very accustomed to and feel comfortable with. It’s kind of like a second home for us. Coming over here we’ve met a lot of cool people a lot of cool bands. We have traveled across the whole country and become familiar with it.

AFL: Do you get to do much sightseeing?

J: Not a lot, we don’t have any day off on the tour. I like to stay a week or so after on my own. After this tour I’ll stay in Bavaria to do some hiking.

AFL: Thank you for the interview Nick!

J: No problem! We can’t wait to come back.


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