HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #3 with Scott Vogel (Terror)


TERROR will release on 28th April their new EP The Walls Will Fall via Triple B and Pure Noise Records. Before they’ll come together with BORN FROM PAIN and HIGHER POWER for some dates to Europe.

We could talk to Terror singer and hardcore legend Scott Vogel how he gets into hardcore-punk music.

Interview with Scott Vogel of Terror

Scott Vogel (Photo by Michelle Olaya)
Scott Vogel (Photo by Michelle Olaya)

How did you get into hardcore / punk? What was your first contact with it? 

Scott Vogel: My brother. He was really into a lot of punk stuff like the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedy’s and as I was exposed to that it led me to hardcore.

Do you remember the first hardcore / punk show you went to? Is the club still open today?

S: The club was the River Rock Cafe in Buffalo NY. No it’s dead now. And the band was the Dead Milkmen. Right after that I saw DRI and Gang Green and then 7 Seconds and Zero Tolerance.

What is your all-time favorite club or location?

S: I would have to go back to the River Rock. It shaped my youth and made me a hardcore kid for life. Amazing shows and energy.

Do you remember the first hardcore / punk record you got?

S: A cassette with Agnostic Front –Victim In Pain on one side and Don’t Forget Fhe Struggle by Warzone on the other. Life changer right there.

In your opinion what is the perfect hardcore show?

S: A few bands with different sounds and styles. Packed room with no nonsense bouncers cause the kids take care of themselves and don’t hurt each other. The right stage for dives. People packed upfront for dives. Bands having something to say and kids actually listening

What is your all-time favorite show you’ve played?

S: That’s really hard to say. I’ll just go with the terror H2O, Backtrack and Code Orange tour in the USA. Almost every show was what hardcore is.

Is there a show you missed in the past that still makes you angry that you could not be there?

S: Mostly when I get to drunk and the shows are kinda a haze. That’s dumb.

What band would you like to see again?

S: Hot Water Music.

Is there a person who has influenced you especially in hardcore / punk?

S: Patrick Kitzel.

What are your top 3 hardcore-punk front man (woman)?

S: Freddy Madball, Gary Naysayer und Eddie Sutton.

I just saw this band initiate the other day. They had a female on the mic and she ripped it.

What is in your opinion the most underrated hardcore-punk band?

S: No For An Answer.

Are there some newer bands you could mention?

S: Fury is amazing. Dead Heat. Dare. Always new bands doing it right.

The Walls Will Fall Tour 2017

11.04. – Nürnberg – Z-Bau
12.04. – Osnabrück – Bastard Club
13.04. – Karlsruhe – Die Stadtmitte
14.04. – Hasselt (BE) – Music-O-Drom
15.04. – Hannover – Faust
16.04. – Bochum – Bahnhof Langendreer


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Terror – The Walls Will Fall

Band: Terror
Title: The Walls Will Fall
Release: EP
Date: 28. April 2017
Label: Triple B / Pure Noise

1. Balance The Odds
2. Kill’Em All
3. The Walls Will Fall
4. No Love Lost
5. Step To You (Madball Cover)

Terror - The Walls Will Fall
Terror – The Walls Will Fall

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