HC History The Beginning Of Everything: #7 with Dan Fisher Roberge (Get The Shot)

Get The Shot Photo by Jérémie LeBlond-Fontaine
Get The Shot Photo by Jérémie LeBlond-Fontaine

We we’re able to talk with Get The Shot bassist Dan Fisher Roberge about his hardcore-punk history. You can find our whole interview with Dan on our website.

1Do you remember the first hardcore / punk show you went to?

The Offspring in 1997 with Ixnay on The Hombre release at The AGORA in Quebec City.

2What is your all-time favorite club or location?

München Backstage!

3Do you remember the first hardcore / punk record you got?

It was Green Day’s Dookie in 1994.

4In your opinion what is the perfect hardcore show?

Shows with Stage Dives!

5What is your all-time favorite show you’ve played?

Day Of Hardcore in Angoulême France 2017!

6Is there a show you missed in the past that still makes you angry that you could not be there?

The Have Heart Farewell Tour (2009).

7What band would you like to see again?

The Bad Brains!

8Is there a person who has influenced you especially in hardcore / punk?

Jamey Jasta  of Hatebreed for his whole career and his entrepreneurship and Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God for his life fights .

9What are you top 3 hardcore-punk drummers / front men (women)?

Drummers: Alex Salinger (Deez Nuts), Jord Samoleski (Propagandhi) and Ben Koller (Converge).
Singers: Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns), Larissa Stupar (Venom Prison)and Ronnie James DIO.

10What is in your opinion the most underrated hardcore-punk band?

Black Breath on Southern Lord Records!

11Are there some newer bands you could mention?

Check Sharptooth on Pure Noise Records!


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