Interview with CROWNED KINGS to their new full-length


Crowned Kings are a 5 piece heavy metal/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. The band grew with fast momentum around early 2010 with a steady fanbase expanding throughout the world. In 2017 they will release their follow-up of their success-record Forked Road. We were able to talk to Cronwed Kings lead guitarist Bosty in an interview to the new full-length and the upcoming European tour in summer.

Inteview with Bosty of Crowned Kings


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AFL: Your European Tour is about to kickoff, are all the dates booked or will you be able to add dates?

Bosty CK: No! Not all dates are filled just yet but hopefully by the time we get to Europe most will be. We are always happy to add dates if they are not filled.

AFL:  We heard Nick Jett from Terror worked with you on the new album. Can you tell us about his role on the new album?

Bosty CK: Yes Nick did work on the new album with us. He also did on „Forked Road“ our last release as well. His role was Producer and Engineer. So he helped tighten our songs up a little and help with some of the direction for parts of the album. He also engineered the entire album, tracked everything in Australia then finished off the mixing in LA.

AFL : Can you tell us about the new album, when will it be released in Europe and is it dedicated to you founding bassist Carlos?

Bosty CK: The new album is going to have 13 tracks that we have worked really hard on. The direction follows along the heavier sounding songs from „Forked Road“. It’s written a little darker and heavier than anything we have done before but still has the same catchy anthem based choruses that people like about CK.

A release date hasn’t been agreed on just yet as we have a lot of things to prepare for first before then but if things plan out hopefully by September/October 2017.

As for our fallen brother Carlos everything we do moving forward is in dedication to him. This album more so will also pay tribute to his life and friendship with everyone in CK.

AFL: You have recently gone through a Line-Up change. Was it, A good, The bad or The ugly change?

Bosty CK: Yeah we’ve had a few different people help CK along the way so far. The newest member on bass „Choppaz“ is a great friend of the band that has not only been a great support but has invested a lot of time and money on the band over the years through his Australian record label 1054 records. It’s great having him step into this new role in our band on bass moving forward.

AFL: This Summer you start your European Tour off at Mighty Sounds. Mighty Sounds Festival is in my opinion one of best European Sommer festivals. Will you get to stay for some of the festival, or is it come play and drive on, kind of thing?

Bosty CK: So far I think we have two days there then we have to move to the next show, but that could change very quickly by someone booking us. Mighty Sounds looks fantastic and we are all looking forward to being a part of such an awesome festival.

AFL: During this upcoming tour almost half of your dates are in Germany, is that by your own choice or the booking agency?

Bosty CK: CK has always been well received in Germany no matter where we’ve played. Plus Germany is also a very large country so you can play a lot of cities on tour. MAD Tourbooking’s help piece it all together so we can focus on the music and doing what we do best. I would say the booking agents more than CK for the moment but we are happy to play anywhere for anyone.

AFL: Since the last time we spoke (Stäbruch Festival 2016), I’ve only been in contact with Jason over FB. What have been some of the best and worst moments for the band since then?

Bosty CK: Time has really gone fast since we spoke last at Stäbruch Festival. The best thing by far was recording the new album and have it finished to listen to. Being able to reflect on something that I’ve been working on since 2015 has been truly amazing. Seeing not only myself but Makka (vocals) and Jack (drums) develop as well has been cool. There hasn’t really been a „worst“ moment since then so hopefully that continues through the rest of 2017 and beyond.

AFL: Is there currently a band that we have to know about ( Australian HC)? Which Bands do you listen in your Tour Bus and your home?

Bosty CK: For people keen on some great Australian hardcore and Metalcore check out Staunch, Honest Crooks, Overpower, the accursed, Outright, viscous judgment, level, Relentless and my other band I play bass in along with Choppaz on guitar „Rust Proof“.

On the tour bus we honestly keep to ourselves for the main part watching movies on our laptops or catching up on sleep but when we do put music on it can be anything really, from Pennywise, Hatebreed , the eagles, dire straits, Queen, Ice cube. We have a large diverse taste in all things music on tour and at home.

AFL: Do you have any rituals before you go to the stage?

Bosty CK: Besides the main warm up exercises I do for vocals along with Makka and guitar warm ups . I usually make sure I have at least two full unopened beers with me plus one open beer. I really should just stick to water but I just can’t resist the awesome beers I come across in Europe.

AFL: What do you think about President Trump and his politics?

Bosty CK: President Trump is an orange idiot. I Don’t think he considers anyone or anything else before his own ego. Glad he’s not my president.

AFL: What is the biggest influence for your music?

Bosty CK: My main influence I’m finding when I write songs for Crowned Kings would be my roots I listened to in my late childhood/early teenage years like Pantera, Metallica, Slayer and the Haunted. Also bands that have inspired passion in myself over the years like Madball, Terror, Sworn Enemy and Hatebreed.

AFL: What are you currently most afraid of when you look at the course of world problems?

Bosty CK: The problem that mostly comes to mind at the moment would be religious conflicts and terrorism throughout the world. Every day there is something new that has happened. So much violence and death caused by this. It’s a sad and troubling time to be alive.

AFL: Any Last words?

Bosty CK: Crowned Kings hit Europe for our summer tour July 14th to August 6th through MAD Tourbooking’s so come hang out at a show. We have the new album hopefully released towards the later end of 2017 so keep your eyes out for more information regarding this. Thank you for the time taken to interview me.

Bosty – lead guitar/backing vocals Crowned Kings


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Crowned Kings European Tour 2017

14.07. Tabor – Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic)
16.07. Geleen – Café de Meister (Netherlands) NEW
17.07. London – Underworld (UK)
22.07. Hannover – Musikzentrum (Germany) + EVERGREEN TERRACE
23.07. Erfurt – From Hell (Germany) + EVERGREEN TERRACE
24.07. München – Free & Easy (Germany)
25.07. Zürich – Werk21 (Switzerland)
27.07. Wien – Das Bach (Austria)
28.07. Ostrava – Barrak Music Club (Czech Republic)
30.07. Berlin – Bi Nuu (Germany) + EVERGREEN TERRACE
02.08. Weinheim – Café Central (Germany) NEW
04.08. Rostock – JAZ (Germany) NEW
05.08. Fredericia – Support Our Scene Fest (Denmark)

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