AFL: Greetings Franz here from AWAY FROM LIFE with Brian and Zack of PEARS in Tolmin on the Punk Rock Holiday 1.7. First off there have been a few storms in New Orleans and southern portion of your home state where a lot of people have lost their homes and have suffered property damage. Have you been personally affected?

Zack: Yeah I lost my car. Just gone. I went on tour and now, I’m going to go home and it’s gone, I don’t have a car anymore.

Brian: It’s crazy. They need to get their shit together, the New Orleans government.

Zack: They could have had it under control in New Orleans, but they just keep dropping the ball. They are not spending the money where it needs to be spent.

AFL: A government issue, something like misappropriation of funds or what?

Zack: The pumping stations failed, that didn’t need to happen.

Brian: It’s been happening for decades.

Zack: You would think that they figure it out. Oh wait we actually have to fix this we just can’t say we did.

For our first time readers they can check out Pears in our previous interview.

AFL: So tell us about your new music.

Brian: We have a new release coming out in October. We can’t say a lot about it yet, but in the next few weeks we will have more to say. We can say that it’s our best batch of material so far, people are really going to like it a lot. We love it and can’t wait to start playing it live. It’s taken a bit to release stuff but at the end of October it will come out.

AFL: Will you play some new stuff here at Punk Rock Holiday?

Zack: No it’s really hard.

Brian: We haven’t had time to practice yet, we’ve been on tour a long time.

AFL: Is it going to be on Fat Wreck or are you going back to your DIY?

Brian: We are doing FAT.

Zack: Fat is great, it’s like the only thing we’ve done right.

AFL: Is there a person from the Hardcore and Punk scene who especially influenced you?

Brian: A bunch of people really. Everyone at Fat Wreck Chords and all the older bands on the label. In particular the Descendents. Musical, I would say the Punk scene as a whole all our predisposition and stuff.

Zack: there are so many people that have influenced me over the years. I also feel it’s dangerous to have heroes. Well not dangerous, but people fall into the trap of trying to imitate people that they respect and admire. I think it’s an easy way to fuck up and not have your own voice.

Brian: Take what you can from other people and make it into your own thing be yourself.

Zack: Yeh thats soo important. So many people have been great role models and so awesome I can’t even begin.

Brian: Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads) we have to put his name in there; he’s been like our big brother since we started the band.

AFL: What was the first Hardcore/Punk record you got and do you still have it?

Brian: Minor Threat the complete discography, on a burned CD, and yes I still have it.

Zack: Same. But I don’t have the CD anymore, but that was my first HC record.

AFL: You guys are too young to have seen them live, but you never know.

Brian: NOOOO we don’t want that.

Zack: That’s soo weird I just thought about that the other day.

Brian: I saw Brian Baker the other day and we were hanging out. I was like so you guys aren’t going to a Minor Threat reunion right. He was like “No Fucking Way!”. I’m like thank god, please don’t ruin this for everybody.

Zack: I don’t know, you say that, but look at Black Flag, you would have never thought that those guys, would be together again, awesome.

AFL: Misfits?

Zack: I didn’t see them, but yeah I hear it was great. I don’t know. Maybe there is a way to do it right; it’s just that we’ve seen a lot of people do it wrong.

AFL: Do you remember the first show you played as Pears and where was it?

Brian: Yes we played on Mardi Gras day, and that’s the day we met Ryan Young and he put our shit out on vinyl for us.

Zack: We weren’t even sure that we would play because we didn’t even have a full set list. That’s why we started playing Judy Is A Punk, because we needed to fill more time.

AFL: What was your own best personal performance, to date?

Brian: Rebellion Fest; the first time was awesome!

Zack: Yes, that was good.

AFL: During this European tour has there been a venue that you’ve been looking forward?

Brian: Today, Punk Rock Holiday , and that show we did in London.

Zack: Today, and of course London is always fun.

AFL: How do you choose which songs to play live?

Brian: Um this time around it’s the songs we are not playing, just because they are so fucking hard.

Zack: We can play pretty much everything, except for a couple pel of songs and for them we would need a second guitarist.

Brian: Yes a second guitar player just because there just too many parts. That’s how we are picking the songs now, but once we have the new stuff we will have even more.

AFL: You might have to add a band member?

Brian: One day maybe.

Zack: Yeh, we have thought about it.

AFL: Here at Punk Rock Holiday, do you have time to enjoy the amenities and join in on the party here at the Festival, for example the Beach area, and or watching the other bands?

Brian: Yeah, after the interviews and stuff.

Zack: Yeah, it’s all your fault we’re not at the Beach. No! We are definitely going to have time to hang out.

AFL: Do you go out into the crowd and mingle with the Fans.

Brian: Yes, people come up to us and we are friendly and talk to them and stuff.

Zack: I try to be available and hang out. I think Pears is like a friend dating thing where i made a video, this is me and what I do, and it’s a cool way to meet new people. Sometimes people are really rad. sometimes they are the worst. But mostly really cool.

AFL: At this point can the band members live off the music?

Brian: If we were touring all year, yes. But at this point we aren’t. So when we are not on tour we have to get odd jobs and what not. When we tour we make enough to pay some bills and relax a little bit.

Zack: It could be better!

AFL: Care to mention some newer bands that we should check out.

Brian: Yeah, Rutt, Exit Order, oh so many!

Zack: Well they aren’t that new teay just put out a new record.

Brian: Not On Tour but who we are playing with today, Clowns, DFMK from Tijuana are really cool.

AFL: In view of recent acts of terrorism at concerts and other spectator events in Europe and most recently the attack on Gary Meskill from Pro-Pain. Have you taken steps to tighten and elevate your own personal security while on tour?

Brian: Ever since that stuff’s been happening it’s been in the back of our minds. We make sure that we are as safe as we can be.

AFL: Have you ever experienced a problem with groupies?

Brian: No.

Zack: Yes! 100% yes. I don’t know why you said no to that one, Brian. (quietly laughs)

Brian: Well crazy people. Yeah for sure.

Zack: Weirdos big fucking weirdo’s. If you are a weirdo doesn’t fucking hang out with us.

Brian: Seriously man come on. (everyone is laughing)

Zack: There are a lot of weirdos in the world, most people are really nice and super cool, but yeh sometimes you get a fucking weirdo and they come in all shapes and sizes.

(AFL: Everyone is laughing even the other press around us. Guess you had to be there)


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