Angel Crew is back! Over ten years after ANGEL CREW’s last effort, the hardcore band (featuring members of BACKFIRE!, DEVIATE, LENGTH OF TIME and PRO-PAIN) will return with their third full-length „XVI“,  which will released on 18th November via Strength Records.

We could talk to Angel Crew singer and the Belgium hardcore legende Danny M. how he get into hardcore-punk music.

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1AFL: What was the first hardcore/punk show you ever saw?

I think the first one was Heresy and Concrete Sox back in 1986/87!

2AFL: Which one was your first hardcore/punk record?

Fear, Life Sentence, Crass, The Exploited

3AFL: How did you get in touch with hardcore music in the first place?

Coming from listening to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal around 1977, needed to listen to less clean production and more intense music, faster, meaner.

4AFL: In which way did hardcore influence you and your life?

In a lot of ways, I recorded my first Hardcore record in 1986, since then I never stopped being on stage or doing records (Sixty-Nine, Deviate and now Angel Crew) it is basically all I did for 30 years! I love doing it and can’t do nothing else.

5AFL: Which show you wish that you saw back in the days?

Crumbsuckers at CBGB’s, Cro-Mags original Line up, ACDC with Bon Scott.

6AFL: Which club from the past miss you most?

Magazin 4 in Brussels, back in the days, great club!


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